Re: Decay of Bion 11 C and Cosmos 2321 r

Bjoern Gimle (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 21:08:07 +0100

Alan Pickup observed:
>I have just (March 8 at 19:00 UT) witnessed an overhead (83 deg
>altitude) pass by the Bion 11 C object, mag 3 at 176km height/range and
>going like the clappers. I made it 3 sec early against the SatEvo
>evolution in my previous posting in this thread.
Even the earlier pass was low in the SSW for me. I saw it in the
twilight sky, Sun at -7.7, Bion 11 C below the belt of Orion,
close to zeta and the same magnitude (2.0 !)

Unfortunately, I had my stopwatch upside down and pressed STOP instead of LAP.
I wished they'd make stopwatches that always recorded the "absolute" time,
and you could select at RECALL time which one to use as START !

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