Cosmo 80 r

Rob Miller (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 05:38:44 -0800

Could someone confirm the satellite that I saw this morning?  I was
looking at the comet at about 5:04 am CST when a satellite went across
the northern sky, passing just above Cassiopia.  It must have passed
right in front of the comet's tail, although I didn't see that as I was
just coming out of the house.  I used my demo version of SatSpy 2.0 to
calculated possible satellites and the only one passing across the
northern sky was Cosmo 80 r.  If that's right, can anyone give me a
little history on this satellite?  What does the lower-case r in the
name mean?  Thanks.

Rob Miller
Iowa City, Iowa
91.5 West, 41.7 North