Re: A Tapestry of Orbits
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 16:46:00 +0000

>     You're almost right, Neil! I am currently reading a copy of
> "Observing Earth Satellites" which I checked out from the
> engineering library here at Stanford University in Palo Alto,Ca.
> where I work. Lo and behold, the Stanford University bookstore
> just took my order for "A Tapestry of Orbits", which is still
> in print! When I first placed the order, they said it was
> $69.95 (US). But they called back and said it was more. I don't
> know how much, but I told them to order it anyway!

To all I must recommend _the best_ mail-order book source that I've found 
anywhere.  I've used their service many times and have found books that
I could find nowhere else.  They ship by second-day shipping at no extra 
charge and many of the over one million titles they carry are discounted 
from list price (not low-purchase-volume books like this one, unfortunately). 
 Their URL is:


will get you right to their on-line info on this book and will also provide a 
link to other books on "Artificial Satellites" and "Orbits".  This site is 
the technical bookworm/net surfer's dream.

Here's some of the captured text from the query URL listed above:

A Tapestry of Orbits 

by Desmond King-Hele

List: $65.00 -- Price: $65.00 
Published by Cambridge Univ Pr (Short)
Publication date: December 1992
ISBN: 052139323X