A Tapestry of Orbits

Bill Fleming (William.Patrick.Fleming@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 6 Mar 97 09:02:29 PST

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Re: A Tapestry of Orbits

    On 3/5/97 Neil Clifford wrote:

>I think that some (if not all 3: Observing Earth Satellites,
>Satellite orbits in an atmosphere, A Tapestry of Orbits) are
>out of print now. Most large university libraries seem to have
>them hidden somewhere. I've had little success in finding them
>for sale in the UK (though I've located them all for library

    You're almost right, Neil! I am currently reading a copy of
"Observing Earth Satellites" which I checked out from the
engineering library here at Stanford University in Palo Alto,Ca.
where I work. Lo and behold, the Stanford University bookstore
just took my order for "A Tapestry of Orbits", which is still
in print! When I first placed the order, they said it was
$69.95 (US). But they called back and said it was more. I don't
know how much, but I told them to order it anyway!

         Stanford University Bookstore (Order Number)
         1-415-329-1217 (Ask for extension 332 or 333)

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