Wed, 05 Mar 97 21:30:59

 Hi all -
 I observed Superbird A with my 32-cm reflector tonight (6 March
1997 UT) for 30 minutes, from 0250 to 0320 UT.  I started out
using a 38-mm Erfle at 33x magnification, then changed to a 20-mm
Erfle (63x) and then to a 12.5-mm Plossl (100x).  The brightest
flashes were magnitude 5 around 0255, but I found the satellite
was continuously visible between flashes.  Its average magnitude
was 13, varying between 12 and 14 (excluding the flashes). 
Here's a TRAKSAT V.2.80, courtesy of Ron Lee, for Falcon,
Colorado, USA, about 100 km to my south:
 Date   UTC   Az      Elev    Range   Ra       Dec       Alt
        HR:M  Deg     Deg     Km      H:MM:SS  DD:MM:SS  Km
 6/3/97/0300  160.86  47.93   37327   7:48:14  -1:28:46  35907
 Cheers, Rich Keen, Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, U.S.A.
 39.877N, 105.391W, elevation 2728m