Re: A Tapestry of Orbits

Neil Clifford (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 21:19:02 +0000 (GMT)

James Byrd scribbles:

|>A number of SeeSat-L subscribers (5) have had follow-up questions about
|>Desmond King-Hele's books. Fortunately a NASA library is available to me
|>in the workplace. I am not sure how simple it would be to obtain the books
|>from other sources, but I suppose the ISDN number is a good place to

I think that some (if not all 3: Observing earth satellites, Satellite
orbits in an atmosphere, A tapestry of orbits) are out of print now.
Most large university libraries seem to have them hidden somewhere. I've
had little success in finding them for sale in the UK (though I've
located them all for library loan).

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