Re : Any recommendations for a tracking program?
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 06:59:58 -0500 (EST)


If you read French, you can have a look on:

When downloaded, this windows tracking program  can run in English,Spanish,
 Italian or French language and can be put in the automatic launch menu.

All internet .tle files are read and the first alphabetic file is automaticly
launched. If it's alldat.tle you have more than 8000 sat simultaneously
tracked on a world map and on two views of  the local planetarium with
'boilerplate'  objects (stars sun moon and planets) and Earth shadow.  

Each output window has it's own pop-up menu with a right click.

Predictions output on printable ascii file or printabled graphical windows.

An Access database is linked to the program, and, when open, is
automaticly(but partialy ) up-dated with new sat which appear in the .tle

A click on any object on the map or on planetarium windows gives the name  of
this object, and all infos if the database is open.
The program can run also without any sat to perform astronomic views of the
skies any where at any date.

A windows  help (but in french!) is also included.

Of coarse, depending the power of the machine, the ability to perform quick
calculations if you atempt to view more than 5000 sat simultaneously!

Best regards

Jean-Claude Marion ,

Lat 41.1N Lon 6.1W