Re: Any recommendations for a tracking program?

Eric Rosenberg (
Tue, 04 Mar 97 11:09:33 est

Phil -- 

I'd recommend Nova for Windows. 16 or 32 bit. You'll need a powerful machine, 
though (>486-33). 

The maps are *far* better than anything I've seen below the >$10k packages we 
use at work (Autometric OMNI, STK, etc.). 

And it's very flexible!

The demo version will not allow you to save customized parameters, but is 
otherwise the same as the 'real' version.  There are an add-ons that grab keps 
off the internet and set/keep time using GPS. 

Check out their web page:


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Subject: Any recommendations for a tracking program?
Author: at #internet
Date:    3/4/97 10:46 AM

I'm helping to set up a tracking program for a museum.

I'm looking for something with some specific characteristics, and don't
know enough about Windows tracking programs, so I was hoping that somebody
would have some suggestions.

1)  Must have a graphical map of the world
2)  Fully functional (e.g. not crippled) freeware or shareware
3)  capability to automatically run from a .BAT file or Startup folder when
the computer is powered on
4)  Capability to semi-automatically update and maintain elements through
Macros, automatic Internet access, whatever.
5)  Accurate predictions of satellite visibility status
6)  Capability to print tables both to printer and file of predicted
visible passes

In general it's something which I have to be able to teach museum
volunteers to operate and maintain.  Anything which is automated or
requires low amounts of user maintenance is highly desirable.

I will not use a crippled program which has incomplete capabilities or a
limited amount of time for access.  However the museum is willing to pay a
license fee for whatever program is eventually used.

Orbittrack for the Macintosh and Tracksat 2.8 for DOS have most of these
capabilities, but I'm looking for something in the Windows world which
could meet these requirements.

Any suggestions?

Philip Chien,
Earth News - space writer and consultant