Superbird A Update

3 Mar 1997 15:33:09 -0800

For those of you who haven't seen Superbird A yet, here
are the predicted times/locations for peak-brightness flashes
for early March 4 UT (which is Monday night, March 3rd in the
U.S. and Canada.)  All times are UT:

2:42  Coastal California from Santa Barbara to San Francisco

2:43  San Diego, L.A. Basin, central California

2:44  Eastern Calif., Sierra Nevada, Reno, SW Oregon.

2:45  Western Arizona, Las Vegas, central Nevada, central and NW Oregon.

2:46  Central Arizona, NE Nevada, NE Oregon, Seattle; Vancouver, British

2:48  El Paso, Salt Lake City, Idaho, Spokane

2:50  Eastern New Mexico, Western Colorado, western Wyoming,
Helena, Montana; Calgary, Alberta

2:51  Amarillo, Texas; Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder, CO; Cheyenne,
Wyoming; central Montana; Edmonton, Alberta

2:52  San Antonio, Texas; Colorado/Kansas border; Nebraska/Wyoming border;
eastern Montana

2:54  Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City; Wichita, Kansas; central
Nebraska; central South Dakota; western North Dakota

2:56  Central Louisiana, western Arkansas, Kansas City, Omaha, Sioux City,
South Dakota/Minnesota border; eastern North Dakota; Winnipeg, Manatoba

2:57  New Orleans; Little Rock; central Missouri; Des Moines, Iowa; central

2:58  Mississippi; Memphis; St. Louis; eastern Iowa; Minneapolis

2:59  Birmingham, Alabama; western Tennessee; central Illinois; central

3:00  Florida panhandle; Alabama/Georgia border; central Tennessee; central
Kentucky; western Indiana; Chicago; Milwaukee

3:01  Havana, Cuba; Tampa/St. Petersburg; Atlanta; eastern Tennessee;
Louisville, Kentucky; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Grand Rapids, Michigan

3:02  Key West, Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, Florida; eastern
Georgia; northwest South Carolina; Tennessee/North Carolina border; Kentucky
border with Virginias; Columbus and Toledo, Ohio; Detroit.

3:04  Central North Carolina; central Virginia; eastern West Virginia;
Pittsburgh; Erie, PA; Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario

3:05  eastern North Carolina; Richmond; Washington, D.C.; central
Pennsylvania; Rochester, NY.

3:06  Cape Hatteras, NC; Delmarva peninsula; Philadelphia and Scranton, PA; 
Syracuse; Ottawa.

3:07  N.Y.C.; Long Island, NY; Albany, NY; eastern-NY border with Vermont;

3:08  Providence, R.I.; Boston; New Hampshire; Quebec.

3:09  Central Maine

3:10  Saint John, New Brunswick

If you are unable to observe Monday night, try about 1 minute later each
successive night.  --Rob