STS-71 (Mir-1)

From: Neil Trevor Clifford <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 10:40:11 -0500
Hello folks,

Just to say that the pre-launch element set (from SAREX/ARRL I guess) is
out (appended to this message). NASA seem to be working towards a
launch no earlier than 0545 UTC on June 2nd. The element set though
seems to assume a launch around 0310 UTC on June 9th. If this is the
case then most western Europeans should be able to see the
shuttle/ET come sailing over from about 17 minutes after launch.

With each days delay ascent viewing improves (for Europeans) as the
launch time moves backwards (and thus passes occur 'further' from the
day/night terminator).

In any event folks on the US East coast will of course have the chance
to see the powered ascent, and everyone else should be able to view
activites at some time (here in NW Europe it should be possible to see
Atlantis and Mir throughout the late evening).

1 99971U          95160.19121193  .00171834  00000-0  27545-3 0    17
2 99971  51.6417 198.7841 0040351 359.5716    .5264 16.01466981    29

best wishes,

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