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Robert Preston in archive/latest/254 asked:
>I heard there's a magazine called "satellite times" (or something like that).
The 4th issue of this new, interesting magazine just came out. It leans
heavily toward the radio side of satellites, but there are several articles of
interest to others involved with satellites.
In this latest issue there is also general space news, details of the
Marisats, What is Digital Video Compression, story on The Outdoor Channel,
broadcast listings from geosync sats, tle's for radio and weather sats,
listing by longitude of all active geostationary sats, list of radio sat
frequencies, approximate satellite launch schedules for Russian, US and
European vehicles, pictures of various sats, descriptive details of all sats
launched Nov-Dec 1994 (sort of like TRW Space Log), updates for previous
launches, NASA Space news (about HST findings), story (with illustrations)
about NOAA 14, ORBCOMM, signal processing for Radio Astronomy, GPS, Orbital
Propagation, types of antennas, weather sat reception on a scanner, and a list
of Space interest groups, etc.
And then on page 2..... :)
Some authors are John Magliacane, TS Kelso, Frank Baylin, Phillip Clark, Theo
Pappan, Jeff Wallach.
Try it, you'll probably like it. After you've read it, let me know what you
thought of it.
To subscribe, you can contact the editor, Larry Van Horn.
Please tell him I referred you.
SATELLITE TIMES (bi-monthly) $19.95 yr USA. $26.95 Canada. Check for rates to
other countries.
Grove Enterprises, Inc.
PO Box 98, 300 S. Highway 64 West
Brasstown NC 28902-0098
phone 704-837-9200, fax 704-837-2216, Inet:
If anyone wants more details of the magazine, let ne know and I'll post them
for you.
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