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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 15:01:00 -0500


Hi there! It is nice to see that we have a very high activity
on this Seesat-L mailing list. Kai Hamalainen told something
about himself so I decided to write something about myself
to this list. I wrote my first introduction one or two years
ago in Flash magazine, but this is a new story.

I am 27-year old technician-engineer in telecommunications
working with digital office automation like copiers, printers
and new generation network devices. Here I am living, far away
in North, Finland, in the midst of reindeers and Santa Claus :-)
I begun my astronomy hobby 12 years ago in 1983. Soon I built
my 6 inch reflector and I begun to explore stars of the sky.
Four years later I founded satellites.

I am also radio amateur, OH2JEC, specialised in receiving
pictures from weather satellites. This is the one of the most
active my current hobbies and I have a weather satellite station
here in Helsinki.

I made my first satellite observation eight years ago. At first
I made observations alone but after several marvelous articles
in the Sky and Telescope magazine I begun to co-operate with
Howard Miles and Russel Eberst in the British Astronomical
Association. Soon I founded more friends like Mike McCants from
Texas and he told me also something about Werkgroep Kunstmanen
in Belgium and now I am here with you.

I am director of the Satellite Section of Ursa Astronomical
Association. We are also specialised in rocket phenomena in this
section. Ursa is the biggest astronomical association in Finland.
We have over 6000 members (our population is 5 million people)
and about ten active satellite observers. Instead of cold
and cloudy weather we try to observe satellites.

My name is Swedish and I have not extra dots in O's like Kai
have with A's in his last name. There are no Scandinavian
letters in my name. I am speaking Finnish, English and little
Swedish...I know also several words from French like bonjour,
merci, au revoir...and...J'ai un pneu creve.

Leo Wikholm

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