Mir solar/lunar transits

From: Robert Preston <rapr_at_med.pitt.edu>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 1995 20:40:18 -0500

This is mainly for Walter Nissen, and any others in the eastern U.S.: I am
interested in observing a Mir or STS solar or lunar transit, and will be
periodically checking for such (for the Pittsburgh area) using recent TLEs
and my planetarium program. I expect I'll search three or four days into
the future, each time. It will be a very recreational attempt, as time permits.
If there is any interest, I could post transit times on this group as I
find them, also near-miss-for Pittsburgh events that would be transits
within a
hundred miles (or so) of Pittsburgh.

If anyone else (Walter?) is doing something similar, I'd appreciate notification
of potential events so I could check them for my exact local area and driving-
radius...either to my e-mail or, if the maillist would not mind, to the list.

This stuff is of rather local interest only, so I don't know how you all feel
about adding such local clutter to the list...I don't imagine my own data
would be more than a message or two per week, if I were to post it here.
Any comments?


Robert Preston
Pittsburgh PA
Received on Sat Mar 18 1995 - 20:48:28 UTC

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