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From: Bj|rn Gimle <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 13:15:25 -0500

John Gass wrote in a personal mail :
> I'm a SeeSat subscriber and have seen some of your comments about
> SkyMap. I've been trying to get up and running tracking satellites.
> However, I am having trouble getting it to read in new element set
> from a file. It always says that the name or norad number is not
> found in my file. I have tried it against Molczan's and other TLE
> files, but to no avail. From this short description, do you know what
> I am doing wrong??? Could you send me an example of a TLE file you
> use so I can try it out on my system (maybe this will help me debug my
> problem.)

My reply may help others with SkyMap problems, or difficulties
with other software after downloading elsets.

There should be very few problems using standard format TLE files,
and the current 5.7 version also handles many "pathological" kinds.

If you have saved mails from seesat-l, try using the "TLE-s for
decaying objects" that I have posted. Of course I can mail you
some other file, but if is large it may have to be zipped and
uuencoded. Hopefully, one of the notes below will give you the clue.

The only real problem, which still hits me when I do not care to check,
is files stored on Unix or other non-MS-DOS systems, lacking CR/LF
for end-of-line. They may look OK in a file browser or an editor, and
many editors fix the problem when you save the file. There is also
a PC Magazine utility "toMS.exe", which I have re-posted on
TS Kelso's CBBS and Dave Ransom's RPV BBS-es.

If you search for a "name" beginning with a numeric, SkyMap treats it
as a NORAD number search, even if it contains alpha characters !
This is why I named the objects "Obj.1993-029A" etc. in recent postings.
If the names are like "1993-029A" or "93029 A" you could ask for "A"
(no quotes, of course) and respond "N" until the correct object is shown.

Using the NORAD "name" will always work, since this will look in lines
one and two, counting the name as line 0 of "two-line" elsets.

Completely blank name lines will be processed, but they will only be
visible in SkyMap's satellite list while doing an AutoLocate, and
will be overwritten if you do an Add, and erased when you save the
.cfg file and reload it.

Earlier versions of SkyMap required you to have a clean TLE file,
with no header line like in TS Kelso's .txt ( or Ted Molczan's .n2l)
files, and no missing or extra lines like when you log a session
with NASA GSFC OIG RBBS (what a name for a BBS!)

There may also have been a problem with name lines longer than 50 chars.
I can no longer duplicate this, but SkyMap will not use any character
beyond the first 50 in name matches anyway, but it will not miss the
object entirely any more.
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