mir/sts transits addendum

From: Robert Preston <rapr_at_med.pitt.edu>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 15:54:43 -0500

OK, I figured out Bjorn's table. NORAD means there are many objects in it.

I also plugged in his values for "cleveland" lat and long ("To get the
output below, I did not use the published coordinates for Cleveland, OH -
I went NE to 43.5 N, 78 W, to make Mir have a transit on that day !") and
ran a search on
the SkyChart2000 for Mir using archive.afit (Kelso) TLE for MIr 95072.622 for
13 March.
Bjorn's result for Mir was:
Transit center for NORAD 16609: 22:57:30 264o 2o

My SkyChart prediction: 17:57 (EST), with sun at altitude 2 degrees.

They Match! (I presume Bjorn's data are in UT/GMT or whatever, 5 hr later)

It took this Mac (68040 33Mhz, with FPU) about one minute to search the
orbit one day into the future.

It looks like Bjorn's program is much better suited to this stuff, since
SkyChart will only search one satellite at a time, unless one were to load
multiple TLE's, center the display on the Sun, and then step forward in
animated time while watching for anything crossing the solar disk. This
would likely be pretty slow.

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