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From: Geoff Chester <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 09:11:17 -0500

To add to Bill Bard's thoughts...

We must add Apollos 4, 6 (unmanned tests of Saturn V), 9 and 12 to the list of
S-IVB stages in solar orbit as well as Centaur upper stages for Mariner 10 and
Pioneer Venus 1 & 2. There were also several Centaur stages for all 7 lunar
Surveyors, in addition to the ones for Helios 1 & 2. Lots of junk out there
rattling between earth & Venus...and we have to take the gravitational pertur-
bations of that planet into account as well. Back in 1991 when there was consi-
derable speculation about this I had a long chat with Brian Marsden at CfA.
He felt that there was a better than 50% probability that we were looking at
debris of this type, but the orbital elements of the various objects were
so poorly known that it was virtually impossible to narrow down the list.

If anyone has a source for these heliocentric orbits it would be very interes-
ting to run some ephemerides on them....

Just my $.02 worth...


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