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From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 18:21:10 -0500
Hi everyone,

Some general remarks about the archive :

1. The software *does* understand the symbol '*'. To get multiple files
   that have common characteristics, you can use this wildcard symbol.
   E.g. : archive get latest/*

2. All messages with numbers lower than 100 have been zipped and uuencoded
   to save space! They can *no longer* be found in the directory 'latest'.
   You *can* find them in the directory 'old'. Send a message with
   Subject: archive get old/
   for more details.

3. You *can* send more than one command per message to the archive server.
   The first command *always* has to be in the Subject line. The other
   commands can just be put in the body of the message.
   E.g. :
   Subject: archive ls flash
   ls ppas
   ls latest

Some new stuff on the archive :

1. The first update to PPAS 5, a text-file called ppas5-01.obs
   Contains all observations of February 1995.
   To be found in the ppas directory. Send a message with
   Subject: archive get ppas/ppas5-01.obs
   to get this 13 Kb big file.

2. The new program-files of the BWGS. Send a message with
   Subject: archive get program/
   for details on how to get the program files.

3. Flash no. 91, the issue that regular subscribers
   of Flash will receive on paper in about two weeks. Flash is the
   monthly newsletter (in English) of the BWGS. The latest issue

   47  Satorial
   47  Introduction to Artificial Satellite Observing
   48  Observational Flashes
   49  Patterns in tracks of bright satellites
               Bram Dorreman
   51  92- 8 B accelerated
               Mike McCants
   52  Space Shuttle rendez-vous with Space Station
               Walter Nissen
   57  87- 74 G accelerated ?
               Mike McCants
   58  Sampex Rocket (92- 38 A!) tumbling
               Mike McCants
   60  Orientation of rotation axis of 92- 38 A
               Bart De Pontieu
   64  Jonathan's Space Report 231
               Jonathan McDowell
   65  Satorama
               compiled by Tristan Cools
   66  Recent Observations

   Two versions are available. A postscript-version and a GIF version.
   Both versions have been zipped and uuencoded.
   The postscript-version can be sent to a postscript-printer or
   viewed with GhostScript. The GIF-version consists of 20 GIF-files
   (zipped into one file). One file for each page. I presume many more
   people have access to GIF-readers than to Ghostscript :-)

   Send a message with
   Subject: archive get flash/flash91.uu
   (to receive the postscript-version)
   and a message with
   Subject: archive get flash/flash91g.uu
   (to receive the GIF-version)


   Beware : flash91.uu counts 303 Kb, flash91g.uu is 446 Kb big !!

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