re: Mac programs

From: Robert Preston <>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 23:10:58 -0500

I use a couple of Mac programs.
1. Skychart2000 v2.2.1, several flavors available for FPU, non-FPU, and
   PowerMac hardware. $30 for full-feature registered copy, available
   from author Tim D. at, or shareware version available
   from various standard apple FTP sites, or from me or tim if you can't
   find a site.
   The program is a full planetarium thing, and can also input any number
   of two-line element sets for predicting paths against the background
   stars. It is very precise, in my experience.

2. MacSPOC, inputs tle info or maillisted "checkpoints" mainly for STS
   flights, showing a mission-control-like view of the shuttle against a
   world map background. Very professional. Costs $100, from the author
   at 4203 Moonlight Shadow Ct., Houston TX, 77059, write for free brochure.
   (his name is Daniel Adamo)

Rob Preston
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