Starlink 7 train dark

From: Richard Cole via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2020 07:17:38 +0000
Starlink 7 train seen from Guildford UK at 2020 June 6 at 01:50UT, 
altitude 40 degrees to SW. Only a few objects (~3) at mag 0, rest at mag 
~5. SpaceX published TLEs show orbit-raising started for all objects 
around 09UT on June 5, so presumably the knife-edge mode was enabled at 
that time to darken the objects crossing the terminator.

So the bright Train now lasts for a maximum of two nights after launch.

Next launch (L1.8) scheduled for June 13 01:30UT, so very similar 
observation conditions to L1.7. L1.9 date mentioned as June 23, no 
launch time yet, but if the sequencing of orbit slots continues the same 
trend it would be around 01:30UT again.


Richard Cole

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