Re: Starlink sat data times off?

From: Larry via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2019 14:35:08 -0600
I am having a little difficulty locating the trains of Sats but am doing so each 
clear evening. The Sats are now spread out so pass a point in the sky about 35 to 
40 seconds following the one before it. I watched for about 13 minutes to see all 
20 sats. There is getting to be a huge gap between the pair of sats in the "Leading 
Starlink 44298" H-A plot and the rest of the train. In fact the (Falcon 9 Deb 
44298) sat has almost caught up to the last sats in the train. The sat that I use 
to find the start of the train is 44294 (Object BM) in the H-A catalogue.
  Last night and the night before I watched in my 80mm finder scope as 20 Starlink 
sats passed though my 4° FOV. Because I was looking toward Az 210° and seeing the 
sats on their ascending node each sat passed slightly lower in my FOV because of 
the Earth's rotation. After about 5 minutes I had to move my FOV down by about 1°. 
During my 20 minutes of viewing I moved my FOV 5°lower. I am doing this off my apt 
balcony right in the middle of Edmonton, seeing down to mag 7.5 or so in finder.

  I just find a continuous chain of sats using my planetarium program and try for 
the first one in line and the rest follow. I don't try to match sats to their time 
but the observations seem to match the Guide9 plots pretty well.

Larry Wood

On 2019-06-05 11:18 AM, Dr. T.S. Kelso via Seesat-l wrote:
> It seems 18 SPCS is having difficulty tracking and updating the orbits as SpaceX uses ion propulsion to maneuver to their operational orbits. I have received several reports of late (many minutes) passes and experienced this myself on May 30.
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