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From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2017 02:07:50 +0200
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> Op 8 jun. 2017 om 00:33 heeft Bill Bard <> het volgende geschreven:
> Nice post except for the opinion at the end which should have been left out. It seems likely that this "close encounter" had been planned quite a while in advanced, probably prior to Trump taking office. So far he's let the military do what they think best and there's no evidence to the contrary here.
> Bill

USA 276 as a spacecraft was certainly conceived during a previous administration, but whether the mission in this particular form was, is open to debate. Certainly if the approach was unintended, it would fully be the current administration's responsibility.

I am not willing to believe that the NRO overlooked that this close approach would happen. Someone therefore had to sign off on it, giving it an "okay".  

Let's say it was non-intentional. Given the postponement from April 16 and the implications of that as explained by Ted in a previous post, this would mean that the latter decision certainly must have been made recently, under Trump's administration. 

And with an object like the ISS, which is sensitive as it has clear international political connotations, I doubt this would be done without some sort of involvement and approval of someone in the current administration.

If the approach was fully intentional, then it becomes an open question when the ISS as target was conceived. This could have been under either a previous or the current administration. But the target could in fact very well have been chosen quite recently, even if the spacecraft was clearly conceived earlier.

But then, whether conceived under a former administration or not, still someone in the current administration must eventually have signed off on that to go forward.

- Marco

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