fast object from yesterday = 31116/07-11b or cz3 rb

From: Tristan Cools via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 11:35:33 +0200
Thanks Patrick for the identification of the object I observed on June 4
There was some confusion with the Falcon objects but time and angular
velocity didn't correspond with my observation.

The CZ3 third stage 31116/07011B) is very spectacular, bright and very
fast.  Calsky predict it to decay around July 31 2017 but with an accuracy
of about 11 days...

I observed it near perigee with a range of only 157km.(and comming from an
apogee of 9368km.)

If you got a chance to observe it, I would certainly do it.  It is also a
tumbling object(near perigee) with very bright maxima(at least mag 0) and a
period of maybe 3s.

BTW, the first element sets issued by Spacetrack of the Falcon objects were
mixed up with each other...(cannot publish them here due to policy)

Tristan Cools

"At 21:19 another fast moving object
from W->E and flashing from mag 0
to inv with about 3s was passing by
through UMa.
I believe this was the Falcon rocket from
the recently launched Dragon capsule."

Could this object have been 2007-011B
(a Changzheng-3A upper stage)?

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