Another scrub from Wallops Island :(

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Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 05:24:40 -0400
I'm not sure exactly why this morning's launch attempt from Wallops  Island 
was scrubbed. They said it was due to clouds and yet the National Weather  
Service observation sites at both Wallops and the Outer Banks of North 
Carolina  state that skies were clear and visibility excellent at launch time.

According to NASA, the next launch attempt will not come any earlier than  
June 11. That's probably because of two reasons:

1) Although they originally announced that launch attempts were available  
through Tuesday morning, both Monday and Tuesday mornings are likely to be  
cloudy and rainy.

2) Skies must be dark and free of any bright moonlight. The moon will be  
full on Friday, but by next Sunday, it will be two days past full and will be 
 evident brightening the predawn morning sky. This seems to suggest (at 
least to  me) that when the next launch window opens up, NASA will attempt to 
launch the  rocket and release the chemical clouds during the evening hours, 
probably about  45 minutes after sunset.

That is only speculation on my part. . . but it will be interesting if that 
 is the plan.
-- joe r.

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