Dragon launch observed? UK

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Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 07:58:10 +0100
I have received a report from Shropshire UK of four glowing objects 
crossing the face of the Moon last night.

Our a/c tracking system [PlanePlotter MySky ] was used to rule out an 
aircraft .
MySky also had brightest satellite elements loaded.

When running Calsky with prelaunch elements this sighting ties in very 
well with objects from the launch.
Time unfortunately was estimated at "around" 2135 GMT , this is yet to 
be verified.

Report as follows...

"I’ve just been looking at the moon and something tracked across it that 
I cannot work out what it is.
It had 4 lights 2 inward and what looked like 2 at the far end of each 
wing that is if it was a plane.
Only way I can describe it is like a F15 with afterburners on but they 
were not afterburners they were lights.

I was not imagining it as I had time to come into grab my scope to try 
to get a better look, but all I could see were the 4 lights.

I could hear no sound and although a little  hard to tell it didn’t look 
that high, could it be a military drone ?
It went west to east over Shrewsbury at approx. 22:35 local, I checked 
PlanePlotter and could see nothing, used MySky with the satellites 
freshly downloaded and there was nothing"



PlanePlotter Support

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