MOONWATCH - South Africa 1957-1975

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Date: Sat Jun 29 2013 - 08:55:19 UTC

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    Good morning
    Perhaps a little OT but for the past few years I have been slowly compiling a 
    history of MOONWATCH in South Africa since all the books available on MOONWATCH 
    do little more than a casual mention.   I have collected a fair amount of 
    information and even been able to locate some former SA MOONWATCHERS - all in 
    their 80's.   Ive had a GREAT deal of support and help from the Smithsonian 
    Archives in Washington and I am just about  ready to put "pen to paper" - the 
    series of articles will be published in the MONTHLY NOTES OF THE ASTRONOMICAL 
    SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN AFRICA whose publication is available on the Internet free 
    of charge. There is no financial reward for me as its being done for love of the 
    hobby and the desire to try and preserve some of South Africa's space and 
    astronomical history.  I never expect to really finish but I am running out of 
    time as Im not getting any younger so must try and preserve what I already have.
    I am trying to locate back issues of the publication put out by MOONWATCH 
    Headquarters called MOONWATCH NEWSLETTER and was issued monthly - A4 size and 
    around 10 pages per issue. By October 1968 at least 17 annual Volumes had been 
    issued. I have about a dozen copies which is only a small sample and this 
    appears to be the only source giving the monthly summary of various stations 
    observational status - ie how many objects observed besides the occassional 
    station listings of standard deviation and time errors.
    There are still a few MOONWATCHERS alive today worldwide and some may be 
    subscribers to SeeSat. If any of them have back-issues could they please contact 
    me so that I can follow up.
    One or two collections appear to exist according to an Internet search but are 
    not  available for download and of course its not possible for me physically to 
    examine such, so hence this appeal.
    Any help or comments would be much appreciated and acknowledged in my "writings"
    Many thanks
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