ALOS 28931 flare

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2013 - 03:50:53 UTC

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    Couldn't get to the archive page to check previous posts about ALOS  
    28931 but I just witnessed it passing over my location and it had a  
    nice flare as it was spinning.
    I counted an approx. 70-75 second period. There was a small flare at  
    about 30 seconds, then 40 seconds after that a much brighter flare,  
    then it repeats.
    The brighter of the two flares was as high as -2 over my location, the  
    flare during the 30 second pause was about the magnitude of Saturn.
    I tried the archive to see about other postings on ALOS but the page  
    didn't come up from the list info page. It might be on my end (been  
    having flaky internet connectivity tonight).
    The URL I tried was
    Greg Williams
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