Re: Piece of Mir found in Massachusetts

From: Robert Reeves (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2013 - 13:43:49 UTC

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    I'm not buying this either.  Massachussets is a long way sownrange from the 
    south Pacific.  No way a light weight chunk of Mir is going to skip that 
    I'm voting it being a piece of industrial slag that has laid in the river 
    for decades.
    Before this story passes a smell test, there needs to be detailed chemical 
    and metalurgical testing, examination of fusion crusts, spectral analysis of 
    the objetc's interior, etc., etc.  A friend just saying so isn't proof for 
    me.  What was this friend's possition in NASA and what did he/she do to 
    analyze/verify that a piece of Mir could end up half a world away from where 
    it reentered?
    Sounds like someone is relying too much on Hollywood science to me.
    Robert Reeves            San Antonio, Texas
    Planet 26591, husband of Planet 26592
    >I don't buy it. Green rock? "Friend" who works for NASA? I suspect a 
    >reporter has been conned.
    > -FER
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