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Date: Sat Jun 15 2013 - 17:34:19 UTC

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    And even tho you tell it to up date with the latest list,  it still is 
    missing a lot.  And there is no way to manually enter a set of 2 line 
    Or at least I have not figured out a way.
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    On 6/15/2013 12:20 PM, wrote:
    > On 6/13/2013 15:56, Joe wrote:
    >> Recomendations of other softwares?
    > *facepalm* heavensat was one of them... i was thinking that heavensat was an
    > online web based tool :embarrassed:
    > stellarium is another one but stellarium is primarily an astronomy program that
    > has had satellite tracking added in later... the current release is ok for
    > things like this but it doesn't remove satellites from the list that are not in
    > the TLE files any longer... it converts the selected TLEs to a JSON file... the
    > next release is reported to automatically remove missing satellites from the
    > JSON file... i have been quietly and unobtrusively trying to get them to forego
    > conversion of the TLEs to their JSON format and just use them directly as every
    > other satellite tracking program does... the size of the JSON is much larger
    > then the raw TLEs... this is especially important when loading TLE files with
    > 10000+ satellite entries... they can use their JSON file to store the radio
    > frequencies and other notations and keep them synced by norad number if they
    > want but they really do need to just use the TLEs directly... i don't know why
    > they ever converted the TLEs to JSON in the first place... other than it is a
    > neat new technology :? [/digression]
    > there are a few older DOS style ones that i used to use which i can't find on my
    > system right now :/  but it has been a long while since i used them and i may be
    > misremembering their capabilities... i think one was written by mike mccants but
    > i'm not sure... i'm recalling a round visual port with the star field and the
    > track of the satellite plotted across it... it was using one of the older DOS
    > graphics modes to draw in... uncle google might be able to point them out...
    >>> NOTE: fixed quoting flow...
    >>> On 6/13/2013 13:17, Joe wrote:
    >>>> On 6/13/2013 11:33 AM, wrote:
    >>>>> On 6/13/2013 10:01, Joe wrote:
    >>>>>> Is there a way to adjust the speed at when you tell it to move timewise.
    >>>>>> to make it change rates?
    >>>>> do you mean like instead of updating every 5 seconds, it updates every 1 second?
    >>>> I mean like with this bird going past Saturn thing,
    >>>> If I wanted to try to see any others go by something else.
    >>> ahhh... ok...
    >>>> Say Saturn again, I set it up so the time is shortly after dusk, I
    >>>> center Saturn in the field of view with it still rather wide say 10 degrees.
    >>>> Then hit the button to make it start moving timewise.
    >>>> Right now it is either perfectly times 1 second of time passed in the
    >>>> program and 1 second of real time. or it is very close to 1 to 1 if is
    >>>> is not.
    >>> right...
    >>>> What i want to do is to speed it up, like 10 times or something, so I
    >>>> can sit and see if anything may pass close again, without having to
    >>>> watch for hours.
    >>> ok, yeah, you want simulated time... as someone else already mentioned, i think
    >>> the only way currently is to stop time and then use the slider to advance it...
    >>> then you are not limited to how long you have to watch but how much you move the
    >>> slider... something like that, anyway...
    >>> personally, this is one of the reasons why i have several satellite tracking
    >>> programs that offer astronomical views of the sky... i can speed up time if i
    >>> like or i can simply advance it at my pace... some are better than others and
    >>> the ones with primary sky viewing are not as good for satellite watching but
    >>> they are getting better... slowly but better :)
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