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From: Brian Weeden (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 16:00:45 UTC

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    It used to be that you'd submit a Form 1.  Now, the process is a bit
    different and you need to fill out an Orbit Data Request (ODR) to request
    permission to redistribute Space Track data (and I guess that includes
    permission to publish analysis as well).
    Instructions are here:
    They also list a number of emails for contacting them, so might be worth
    asking the question.  FWIW, I've never gotten positive confirmation of
    On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Allen Thomson <> wrote:
    > Not to get off topic, but has anyone ever found out how to get that
    > written permission? Or actually done it?
    > > It's a great idea, but they can't do
    > > it because it would violate the contract terms for using
    > > Space Track.  You're not allowed to share files with
    > > other users without prior written permission from DoD.
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