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Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 14:32:00 UTC

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    As you all know, I'm new here, and the chase to learn what my buddy saw 
    was fun. Always seeing Satellites go by as I am out with my telescope or 
    binoculars, or naked eye like during a meteor shower is always fun.  now 
    with this program I will be able to look up to see what it was that went by.
    Now with that Program, It's crazy the amounts of things out there that 
    could be spotted if one knows where and when to look. I feel this has 
    opened a whole new activity for me.
    I'm also an Amateur Radio Operator, and an activity for that hobby is to 
    chase down and contact as many different and far off lands as possible.  
    It's called DX'ing. So I am constantly keeping an eye out for that new 
    country, that new island, that new place I have never talked to before.
    Just Like my other hobby Amateur Astronomy. Similar thing, to hunt down 
    and chase after that new object I havent seen before,
    Now with this Satellite program, having literally thousands of new 
    things to chase after, I think will be fun.
    Let The Chase Begin.
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