Re: Heavensat Program

Date: Thu Jun 13 2013 - 17:46:40 UTC

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    NOTE: fixed quoting flow...
    On 6/13/2013 13:17, Joe wrote:
    > On 6/13/2013 11:33 AM, wrote:
    >> On 6/13/2013 10:01, Joe wrote:
    >>> Is there a way to adjust the speed at when you tell it to move timewise.
    >>> to make it change rates?
    >> do you mean like instead of updating every 5 seconds, it updates every 1 second?
    > I mean like with this bird going past Saturn thing,
    > If I wanted to try to see any others go by something else.
    ahhh... ok...
    > Say Saturn again, I set it up so the time is shortly after dusk, I
    > center Saturn in the field of view with it still rather wide say 10 degrees.
    > Then hit the button to make it start moving timewise.
    > Right now it is either perfectly times 1 second of time passed in the
    > program and 1 second of real time. or it is very close to 1 to 1 if is
    > is not.
    > What i want to do is to speed it up, like 10 times or something, so I
    > can sit and see if anything may pass close again, without having to
    > watch for hours.
    ok, yeah, you want simulated time... as someone else already mentioned, i think 
    the only way currently is to stop time and then use the slider to advance it... 
    then you are not limited to how long you have to watch but how much you move the 
    slider... something like that, anyway...
    personally, this is one of the reasons why i have several satellite tracking 
    programs that offer astronomical views of the sky... i can speed up time if i 
    like or i can simply advance it at my pace... some are better than others and 
    the ones with primary sky viewing are not as good for satellite watching but 
    they are getting better... slowly but better :)
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