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Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 16:40:45 UTC

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    Wow, First off,  Sorry Gang, a major typo on his part. it wasn't jun 
    1st  but jun 11th! UG.  here is the best details directly from him.
    Yes, the first date was a typo- fat fingered it...   All the details I 
    sent you today are correct.   crossed Saturn including the rings in 
    about 30 seconds- again give or take a few seconds.  Sorry I'm not more 
    {Saturn has a current complete angle of 42 seconds of arc including the 
    rings, so in roughly 30 seconds of time, it the object traveled 42 
    seconds of arc}
    Time: 04:32 6-11-2013 UT
    Observing Location
    Lat: 42.866314
    Long: -90.173002
    Elevation: 310 meters
    Calculated Location from Google Earth
    At the time of Observation Saturn was at,
    Saturn: 14h15m11.7s,10deg48'57.9"
    Magnitude ~10-11
    Speed ~1.2 to 1.4 min of arc per min
    Sorry ll that have been working on this. wrong date.
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