Re: Possible Mystery Spacecraft?

From: Joe (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 15:47:20 UTC

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    as far as time goes he said,
    11:32pm  CDT, 04:32 6-1-2013UT.
    so at CDT it is 5-31 11:32 PM
    and UTC it's Jun 1st at 4uTC
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    On 6/12/2013 9:39 AM, George Roberts wrote:
    > .02 degrees per minute is 1.2 degrees per hour which is indeed too fast.
    > Enciladus that night was moving about .006 degrees per hour.
    > Our moon moves about .5 degrees per hour (against the stars).  So if this
    > object is orbiting the earth it's closer than the moon but much much farther
    > than the geosynch satellites.
    > So it wouldn't be something normally visible in a 1 meter scope without a
    > CCD I would think.  I mean the geosynch satellites are typically only
    > visible in a telescope twice a year when the sun lines up just right.  It
    > seems very unlikely that something smaller than a football field would be
    > visible at all plus there are only a handful of earth satellites past
    > geosynch but closer than the moon:
    > Chandra Space telescope is the only one that comes to mind and it's quite
    > large but it was nowhere near the ecliptic (not near saturn).
    > So asteroid maybe?  I checked for both UT june 1 and june 2 and found
    > nothing (you didn't answer the question about friday versus saturday night):
    > Whatever it was, it seems unlikely it was a spacecraft.  Do you know the
    > approximate magnitude?  Geosynch sats are mag 11 to 14 typically.  Something
    > 5 times farther away would be much dimmer.
    > - George Roberts
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