Re: Possible Mystery Spacecraft?

From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 14:39:01 UTC

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    .02 degrees per minute is 1.2 degrees per hour which is indeed too fast. 
    Enciladus that night was moving about .006 degrees per hour.
    Our moon moves about .5 degrees per hour (against the stars).  So if this 
    object is orbiting the earth it's closer than the moon but much much farther 
    than the geosynch satellites.
    So it wouldn't be something normally visible in a 1 meter scope without a 
    CCD I would think.  I mean the geosynch satellites are typically only 
    visible in a telescope twice a year when the sun lines up just right.  It 
    seems very unlikely that something smaller than a football field would be 
    visible at all plus there are only a handful of earth satellites past 
    geosynch but closer than the moon:
    Chandra Space telescope is the only one that comes to mind and it's quite 
    large but it was nowhere near the ecliptic (not near saturn).
    So asteroid maybe?  I checked for both UT june 1 and june 2 and found 
    nothing (you didn't answer the question about friday versus saturday night):
    Whatever it was, it seems unlikely it was a spacecraft.  Do you know the 
    approximate magnitude?  Geosynch sats are mag 11 to 14 typically.  Something 
    5 times farther away would be much dimmer.
    - George Roberts 
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