Re: Possible Mystery Spacecraft?

From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 03:54:19 UTC

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    That's much too slow for something closer than geo stationary so it's 
    basically unlikely to be a satellite.  In fact at that distance your lat and 
    lon don't matter much.
    I suspect it was one of Saturns moons.  Saturn has quite a few and they can 
    move pretty darn fast.  I typed in your UT and used this web app here:
    But I don't know which one it might have been.  What do you think?  Also was 
    it UT june 1 (friday night) or was it CDT june 1 (saturday night)?  I looked 
    at both.
    Also there is a wonderful asteroid checker program on the web you can use. 
    But more likely it was one of saturns moons.
    - George Roberts
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