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Date: Fri Jun 07 2013 - 15:44:10 UTC

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    On 6/7/2013 07:50, Brad Young wrote:
    > I recently bought a 22" UC (outstanding scope, BTW) that uses Argo Navis. I
    > have attempted to load Mike McCants' classified file for use with the
    > computer. I keep getting a bug fault which doesn't seem to be happening with
    > other sources of TLEs, such as Celestrak. I was wondering if any other users
    > had any advice on what my Problem might be. I am using notepad as the text
    > editor, as recommended by the software designer.
    my first thought is possible EOL (End of Line) characters... you don't say 
    exactly what the error is and "bug fault" is pretty generic ;)
    perhaps there's only LF in the raw data file you are using and your package is 
    expecting CRLF... or maybe CRLF and your package is expecting only LF... then 
    there's the "MAC" way that's CR only and your package may be expecting LF only 
    or CRLF...
    newer versions of notepad do not change the EOLs like they used to do... you 
    might want to look at your classified file with a tool that allows you to view 
    it in HEX format... look to see if you have 0d0a (single music note and white 
    rectangle with a circle in the middle) at the ends of the lines or just 0d 
    (single music note) or just 0a (white rectangle with a circle in the middle)... 
    in hex mode, the lines will appear to run all together so you have to read 
    what's there in the one panel and count over the number of characters for each 
    one in the hex panel...
    editors like notepad won't help you in this way... you need other tools to see 
    this level of detail... tools like "file commander" or "midnight commander" 
    (both of which are "norton commander" clones) are popular... tools that 
    programers would use to inspect raw data... hex editors and similar... in these 
    tools, you would "view" the file (generally F3) and then switch to "hex" 
    (generally F4)...
    you don't want to edit the file in this type of tool if the EOLs are the 
    problem... that would only allow you to change the character you edit and not 
    remove it or add one if needed... you want to run the file thru a convertor that 
    will strip or add the extra character as needed... in the *nix world, these 
    tools are known as dos2nix (CRLF->LF) and nix2dos (LF->CRLF)... some programers 
    editors like notepad++ will allow you to change the EOLs on a file but quick 
    command line tools like nix2dos are much easier... you might even find a library 
    of these tools for your OS if it is not *nix ;)
    i hope the above is not too basic... i don't know your level of expertise with 
    computers and working with raw data files... there's a huge number of folks who 
    get that deer in the headlights look and their eyes glaze over with things like 
    this so i try to take the time to explain things as simply as possible and still 
    get the job done...
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