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From: George Roberts (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2013 - 13:35:10 UTC

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    Standard debugging technique:
    1) get it to not work (you acheived this)
    2) get it to work (you achieved this) e.g. did you try just a single TLE? Or 
    use a TLE that works.
    If you can get to this point (you already did) you are guaranteed success.
    3) Start with either of these samples and move it towards the other, 
    shrinking down to one TLE if possible and then down to one bad character if 
    possible trying to alternate getting it to work and then not work.
    For example if you have a file where the file doesn't work but you have a 
    single TLE that *does* work from that file you can take half the "bad" file 
    and keep shrinking it until it works, then enlarge until it doesn't work, 
    then shrink until it does.  Repeat until you have found a single TLE that 
    causes the problem.  Then repeat down to a single character.
    Or if *none* of the single TLE's seem to work, start with one that does from 
    a different source, manually change one character in the TLE to make it more 
    like the "bad" tle until it fails, then repeat until it works again 
    narrowing it down to one character that causes the problem.
    - George Roberts
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    From: Brad Young
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    Subject: Fw: Argo Navis
    I recently bought a 22" UC (outstanding scope, BTW) that uses Argo Navis. I 
    have attempted to load Mike McCants' classified file for use with the 
    computer. I keep getting a bug fault which doesn't seem to be happening with 
    other sources of TLEs, such as Celestrak. I was wondering if any other users 
    had any advice on what my Problem might be. I am using notepad as the text 
    editor, as recommended by the software designer.
    >Thanks for any help you might be able to offer,
    >Brad Young
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