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Date: Wed Jun 05 2013 - 09:48:58 UTC

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    Thank you Marco for the info. However, I see a launch time of 23:52:11 on Spaceflightnow, therefore I would expect a passage over Europe about 20 minutes later. What do you think?
    best regards
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    Sujet : Visible ATV-4 passes over Europe tonight
    Hi all,
    If all goes well, the European space cargo ship ATV-4 "Albert Einstein" will be 
    launched from Kourou at 21:52 UT tonight.
    The ATV will make visible passes over Europe later that night. At about 
    23:45-23:50 UT (01:47 CEST) it will make a pass straight over the UK, 
    Netherlands and Germany. An orbit later, around 01:20 UT (03:20 CEST), it will 
    make a second pass (in twilight), over the southern UK, France and Southern Germany.
    ESA has kindly made projected TLE's available here:
    The relevant TLE for tonight is:
    1 00000U 13156A   13156.95908050  .00000000  00000-0  11891-3 0  0008
    2 00000 051.6512 167.2588 0016658 269.7524 354.7951 16.02929810 00002
    A live ground track applet is available here:
    There will be more visible passes later this week, and in the night of June 
    14/15 it will be possible to see the ATV and ISS chasing each other close 
    together in the sky, in the hours before docking on the 15th.
    - Marco
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