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From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2013 - 18:29:00 UTC

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    Hello !
    A friend taking pictures of the area of the Southern Cross constellation (in
    the center of the images) recorded the passage of what appears to be a
    satellite/space junk. However I could not identify the object using
    Heavensat or Heaven's Above,
    Could help me identify this object?
    Image 1:
    date: 26.05.2013
    hour: 21:39:38 UTC
    date: 26.05.2013
    hour: 21:39:46 UTC
    Additional Information:
    lat: -23.594750
    long: -46.795806
    elevation: 783m
    time zone: -3 UTC
    Thanks in advance !
    Carlos Bella
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