Re: IGS 1A not seen

From: Dave Waterman (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2012 - 09:03:21 UTC

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    Alexander Repnoy reported not seeing 03009A = 27698 = IGS 1A
    Using the same elements (epoch 2012117.945) I reasoned that its
    natural rate of change would be more than the almost zero in the elements.
    So on 2 dates I searched, without success, as below. The magnitude limit 
    (5) was such that I would certainly have seen it if had passed while I was
    yymmdd mins mag t0
    120522 03009A -13/2 5 2113.39 
    120525 03009A -21/-10 5 2132.32 
    (thus on May 22 I searched from 13min before nominal to 2min after: where t0
     is the nominal time of the equator crossing on the date.) 		 	   		  
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