RE: Iridium flares magnified?

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Date: Wed Jun 27 2012 - 22:16:59 UTC

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    Don't forget that the Iridium MMA is only reflecting a small portion of the
    sun's rays.  Assuming a flat mirror, consider the width of the satellite, in
    arcseconds, compared with the width of the sun.  Without enhancing the
    mirror design such as making it concave, you would probably need a mirror
    that appeared to the observer to be the same size as the full moon and that
    would be simply enormous.
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    Subject: Iridium flares magnified?
    Has anyone watched Iridium flares at moderate magnification, say, 60-100x
    tracking with a telescope? Given that this is something like 90% specular
    reflection of sunlight, does anyone have any thoughts on the risks to the
    observer's eyes? 
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