observations 25-6-2012+unid???

From: Jon Mikel (jonmikelk@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2012 - 21:46:04 UTC

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    First i have to say sorry because i have no idea how to make IOD or U.K,
    but i'm learning.
    Observation of Lacrosse 5 (2005-016A) (28646):
    Last days i reported that passes 9 seconds before predicted, but now i have
    better data:
    at 20:36:36 passes near phecda(ursa major): alt=60.63 az=308.13 at
    magnitude about 2.0 (1 mag uncertainty). Given RA and DEC at this point:
    RA=1154'53" DEC=5437'36"
    at 20:36:46 passes near other star at alt=74.13 az=302.04 at magnitude of
    about 1.5 (1mag uncertainty). Given RA and DEC at this point: RA=1318'43"
    at 20:37:17 passes near other star at alt=86.10 az=198.99 at magnitude of
    about 1.3 (1 mag uncertainty) Given RA and DEC at this point: RA=1436'27"
    time accuracy: +-1second
    At 21:01:10 i see a flare of about mag 1 of a unidentified objet from S to
    N at az of about 150-170 degrees (more or less) and altitude of 15-30
    degrees. it moves very very slowly and in 1 minute he stand still at the
    same place for not post moving, it can be a optical effect? also the unid
    has red colour. maybe i think that when i look at the computer to try to
    identify the objet the flare ends and i start to look to a star, because
    the object cant be at geo because moves with stars in the following hours
    and because was in less altitude that geo zone. later at home i can see 3
    possible candidates:
    Yaogan 8 (36121), Breeze M Deb (32029) or Delta 1 Deb (7072).
    Observation of lacrosse 4:
    I havnt got details of pass excepting a flare of magnitude about 0.0 at
    19.58 of azimuth and elevation of 29.58.
    -for people that uses heavensat enter this data in mirrors with this obs
    m0 - 34.0000 - 85.400 - 1.0000 - 0.0784 - 42.9511N - 2.87056W
    Flares seen on unid sat:
    i see multiple flares (1 per 6 reconds)  at 85 altitude  at 21:59:38 (time
    accuracy of 1 second). first flare was of mag 1, and the followings were
    decreasing of brigness at piont t dissapear later the 3rd flare.
    i can see one candidate:
    CBERS 2B (32062)
    Flare seen of Spot 5 (27421)
    mag of -5 at time 22:07:50 (time uncertainty of 1 second) at az=244.58 and
    el=74.44 (RA= 1505'35" DEC=3453'43.4")
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