Old astro software and 64-bits Windows 7 (Re: PPAS)

From: Marco Langbroek (marco.langbroek@online.nl)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2012 - 10:47:08 UTC

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    Op 25-6-2012 3:49, Brad Young schreef:
    > PPASINP.EXE won't work on Windows 7 even with troubleshooter. Anybody have a solution for generating reports easily?
    I recently ran into the same problems on my new 64-bits laptop, notably with 
    DOS-based satellite applications.
    It indeed is a pain that older software does not run anymore in 64-bits OS. Some 
    do run when you install it in a virtual machine environment (see below) or via 
    DOS-box, but there is also software out there that simply no longer works at all 
    (or runs only partially, with quircks).
    Solution for many  but not all instances: install the xP "virtual machine" 
    (freely downloadable at Microsoft if you have Windows 7 64-bit professional or 
    ... and try to install software that won't run natively under W7 in the virtual 
    machine instead. I got some software that doesn't run directly under W7 itself 
    to run that way.
    Some satellite related software I frequently use that I need to run in this 
    virtual xP environment now, as it won't run directly on 64-bits W7:
    - AstroRecord (astrometry software);
    - SatObsEntry   (to generate IOD format lines);
    - IDsat by Ted  (identifying objects from positions);
    - Latlong4 by Mike;
    - a couple of others...
    I also have a problem with Simone's SatFlareTracker, although others do manage 
    to run that under 64-bits W7 apparently (I get runtime errors however).
    Software developers past and present: within a few years all PC's probably will 
    be 64-bits, so please make software 64-bits compatible! Otherwise we'll soon 
    have a big problem.
    - Marco
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