Multiple Flares

From: W. C. Uher (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2012 - 18:51:50 UTC

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    Just began really watching from a relatively clear vantage (horizon to 
    Don't know all the jargon, etc but will eventually pick it up. If anyone 
    has a "guide" for reporting objects seen, I would certainly appreciate it.
    *22 June; Flare almost directly overhead, through Big Dipper. Path: S to 
    N; Visible for 6 seconds.
    23 June; Flare in western sky, approx 30 degrees from horizon. Path: NW 
    to SE. Visible for 4 seconds.*
    That's all I know. I want to know more.
    Bill Uher
    Location: Lat: 36' 37 20, 56" N; Long: 90' 46 23 79" W; Elevation: 441'
    Location: SE Missouri, USA
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