Re: Iridium with multiple flashes. Is that possible

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Jun 23 2012 - 17:50:24 UTC

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    It is possible to have flares from two antennas (far apart) but also
    from the solar panels, and those can occur close to an antenna flare.
    But the panels are controlled depending on Sun's "declination" above
    the orbit plane, and at this time of year I don't find any for your
    location (Rob Matson's IridFlar). Probably the panels are pointed
    nearly 90 degrees from the orbit plane, close to the Sun near Marathon
    And Iridiums move S-N or N-S essentially !
    2012/6/23 Patrice Scattolin <>:
    > About 2 weeks ago I've seen what I believed to be an Iridium flash but
    > after it started dimming it brightned up again and then redimmed and
    > rebrightend to finally extinguish. Has anyone else observed this? Was
    > what I saw something other than an Iridium? I unfortunately don't have
    > the exact date and time so the actual bird can't be confirmed. Beside
    > another type of satellite, the only other thing I can think of is an
    > Iridium doing an attitude change. Anyone knows. I typically don't record
    > my observations but it's about as follows: (it crossed from West to
    > East, june 16th at about 11:30pm, In Quebec at 45.602434,-72.670938
    > according to Google.)
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