Observation of the ISS and Iridium 53 in the daylight Sun.

From: Alexander Repnoy (astronom-2003@meta.ua)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2012 - 06:59:03 UTC

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    Evening of June 17th I saw the ISS flight with low-power bino in the
    daytime sky, or rather even before sunset. I noticed the station 17:14 UTC
    at an altitude of 53  above the northern horizon with low-power bino for
    a few seconds, to the naked eye, I saw it with a completely clear sky. The
    brightness of the ISS it was difficult to assess because of the bright sky
    background, but he was definitely not weaker -2m. The height of the Sun at
    the time of observation was 5 above the horizon. Evening of June 17th I
    saw a bright flash of Iridium 53 even in the light of the Sun. I find it
    difficult to estimate the brightness of the flare, but since it was
    clearly visible, I can say that the maximum brightness of the order -8m.
    Iridium 53 gave a bright flare at 17:46 UTC, when the Sun at this time was
    on the horizon. The height of the flare 70 degrees according to the
    forecast Heavens-Above.
    Regards, Alexander Repnoy, Alexandria (Ukraine), 48.6657N 33.1137E 101m.
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