bright flashes from unknown geosync

From: KD7RVH (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2012 - 06:34:19 UTC

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    While watching ISS rise at roughly Jun 20 05:25:30 UTC tonight, I
    caught a very bright flashing sat out of the corner of my eye.  It was
    roughly in the vicinity of Tau Virginis, near Saturn and Spica.  The
    flashes were very bright, almost dazzling, similar to Iridium flares,
    but very short duration.  The flash period was roughly 5-6 seconds.
    After about 5 flashes, the sat grew faint and I lost it after turning
    my attention back to the ISS pass.  I could detect no movement between
    My location at the time was 48.41 N, 122.28 W
    Heavensat only gave me a couple of Milstar sats as possibilities, but
    those didn't seem likely.
    Does anyone know what I might have seen?
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