help with a Geo sat????

From: Becky Ramotowski (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2011 - 18:02:31 UTC

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    I have lurked here for years and perhaps only posted two or three times 
    and you all have been very generous with your time and answers.
    I need help figuring out what I saw last night
    (June 25, 2011  11:10 - 11:25 PM local Mountain Daylight Time/ UTC-6:00) 
    while out star hopping between globular clusters in Ophiuchus.
    I live at 7205' elevation and in the Mountains just east of Albuquerque, 
    New Mexico  (Tijeras, NM) so I'm in the Mountain Daylight Time Zone.
    While looking with the naked eye for some field stars to use as a way to 
    star hop to Messier 12 in Ophiuchus I observed a bright flash, not sure 
    of magnitude but I'd guess somewhere around -2.  About 9 seconds later 
    it flashed again.
    Since I already had my 6" reflector pointed at that area of the sky I 
    aimed it at the flash and then watched it flash for about 15 minutes.
    The flash period was roughly 9 seconds as I was counting myself and not 
    using a watch or clock.
    It seemed the satellite was drifting, but I'm not sure if it was 
    actually moving or it was just the effect of stars moving in the 
    background.  I did not "chase" it with the scope much, just a few 
    adjustments to keep it centered.
    After about five minutes of watching it faded and I could no longer see 
    it naked eye, but could still catch it blinking in the scope.
    As an estimate I'd say the flasher was somewhere near
    RA 17h 20m and +1 degree in Dec.
    I've stumbled upon Geo sync sats before but none of them ever blinked so 
    this one was quite a treat to watch-- I just don't know who the heck it 
    Can any one help me identify this mystery flasher?
    Thanks so much!
    Becky Ramotowski
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