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Date: Thu Jun 09 2011 - 16:44:56 UTC

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    Hi all,
    I just noticed I didn't identified so far the satellite which passed 42 seconds before ISS on 2011, March 8.
    On that evening, I have been observing ISS from 18h 15.5 to 18h18.5 UT in a bright dusk . According to Calsky,  ISS culminated at 18h 16m 55s UT (Sun altitude -6°)
    In the first part of the observation I saw only ISS at maybe mag-3, but after culmination it faded and I noticed that another satellite - brighter than ISS - was passing ahead of it of about 42 seconds.
    ATV-2 might have "done the job", except it was no more in orbit, it seems (for the case I'm not wrong).  :-)
    Alain Figer
    2°.13 E  ; 48°.67 N ; a.s.l. 170 meters
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