ALOS sporadic flares

From: George Kristiansen (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2011 - 09:53:00 UTC

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    Hi everyone,
    I recently saw the ALOS satellite flashing quite violently in Virgo. I
    was just watching Virgo out of the window, and I just suddenly saw two
    successive very bright, very short pulses, which flashed brighter than
    anything else in the sky, before quickly receding to nothing. Each
    flash was about two or three seconds apart, and lasted less than a
    second. I couldn't see the satellite itself, and it only flared twice,
    when near Saturn in the main body of Virgo. Is ALOS known for flares,
    and has anyone else seen them? Is it tumbling?
    Location: UK, 53.4N, 0.71W
    Time: Approx. 22:30 UT (23:30 BST)
    Name: George Kristiansen ( )
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